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     As a Clinical Psychologist, I am committed to treat clinical disorders using scientifically validated strategies and to keep up to date on the best, most effective, and efficient treatment.  

     Based on my training and original research that I began over 30 years ago studying how couples cope with stress, I developed an original approach to working with relationship difficulties: Decision Triangle Solutions .  Techniques from this approach are used in my clinical work today to help people resolve interpersonal difficulties that are associated with specific individual issues. 

     For more details about the Decision Triangle Solutions  approach, visit:



     It can be difficult to see a therapist: a stranger you don't know and are expected to tell your deepest secrets.  My approach is to first make everyone feel accepted and comfortable.  My personality is warm and lively, and my approach is to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.  My job is to keep abreast of the most current research and clinical findings, your job is to be open and honest about what you do and why.  Together we'll find the right solutions to help you figure out what's gone awry for you and to get you back as quickly as possible to be happy and productive in all areas of your life.  

     Romantic relationships start with the best of intentions, but miscommunications can cause people to feel hurt, disappointed, and disconnected from one another.  My approach to working with couples is to figure out what are the basic problems in communication so that the couple can develop strategies to cope effectively with various stressors that they are encountering now and in the future.  My innovative approach Decision Triangle Solutions® is based on 30 years of original research and clinical practice and is designed to help couples grow stronger using effective conflict resolution strategies.

     If family is supposed to people you know and trust the most, why can it cause so much frustration? 

The greater the intimacy, the greater potential for conflict. 

     My goal is to help families understand what goes wrong in their interactions with one another so that families can continue doing what families do best: be a source of unconditional love, support, and acceptance in which children and parents flourish and accomplish the daily tasks required to live life to its fullest.  Family sessions can include the whole family living at home, a parent and child, sibling, or extended family.  Sometimes people may wish to come in alone to address family difficulties.   

     Throughout our lives social relationships are an essential component of our well-being.  My office addresses:

  • Children: social skills, conflict with peers/ bullying issues;

  • Teens: how to be unique yet to fit in, friendships and new romances;

  • Adults: new to the area -- how to make and deepen friendships and romances;

  • Empty-Nesters: reconnecting as a couple, establishing new friends;

  • Post-Divorce: how to co-parent with your ex; establishing new friendships and romances.

     As adults, we can spend more of our waking hours at work than with our families.  Work stress can have a tremendous effect on our overall well-being, and sometimes we don't know where to turn.  My office addresses work stress:

  • Employees: how to navigate office "politics," how to establish boundaries, avoid burn-out, and advocate for your needs most effectively;

  • Employers: how to create a collaborative work environment, improve employee satisfaction (retention), how to motivate staff and resolve conflict.

     Group therapy can be a very effective way to learn about certain issues (psychoeducational groups) and to address interpersonal difficulties beyond family functioning.  Groups are available for all age ranges: children, teens, adults, and older adults.

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